From the dissection of T, B and NK cell signaling pathways to the 3D structure of a T cell receptor-antigenic peptide-MHC complex through the composition of the death signal delivered by T cytolytic lymphocytes and the analysis of the myeloid lineage, the research led by the CIML scientists has contributed to establish the major organization principles governing the immune system, and opened the way to new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

In contact with other sciences, at the interface between physiology and pathology, CIML scientists are now attempting to predict and manipulate the immune system by combining, at the era of functional genomics and systems biology, in vivo analysis and the study of patients.


Research teams:

Toll-like receptors in immunity
Group leader: Lena Alexopoulou

Stromal cell Immunobiology
Group leader: Marc Bajénoff

Dendritic cells and antiviral defence
Group leader: Marc Dalod

Innate immunity in C. elegans
Group leader: Jonathan Ewbank

Immunology and cell biology of pathogen/host cell interactions
Group leader: Jean Pierre Gorvel

Membrane dynamics and T lymphocyte signaling
Group leaders: Hai-Tao He & Didier Marguet

Inflammation biology group
Group leader: Toby Lawrence

Genetic dissection of the function of T cells and dendritic cells
Group leaders: Marie and Bernard Malissen

Genomic instability and human hemopathies
Groupe leader: Bertrand Nadel

Tissue inflammation and immunity
Group leader: Philippe Naquet

Dendritic cell biology
Group leader: Philippe Pierre

Stem cell and macrophage biology
Group leader: Michael Sieweke

Development of the immune system
Group leader: Serge Van De Pavert

Innate lymphoid cells and Neural Regulation of Immunity
Group leader: Sophie Ugolini


Alumni & emeritus:

Pierre Ferrier
Michel Fougereau
Pierre Golstein
Claudine Schiff
Anne Marie Schmitt-Verhulst