Open position at CIML...


Engineer in biological experimentation and instrumentation

In the Bernard et Marie MALISSEN' Lab
Contact: Candidates should send a CV to Romain RONCAGALLI
The position is available in October for 1 year renewable. More information

Maitre de Conférences en Immunologie

Prise de fonction septembre 2020
Le(la) candidat(e) s’intégrera dans l'équipe pédagogique d'Immunologie du département de Biologie au sein de l’UFR Sciences et participera aux enseignements de spécialité Immunologie de la licence au Master... Plus d'information

CONTACTS : Enseignants : Pr Philippe NAQUET et Pr Franck GALLAND

Directeur du CIML : Philippe PIERRE

IMPORTANT : le candidat devra justifier d’une inscription sur les listes de qualification pour les fonctions de maître de conférences du CNU (section 65) :
Ouverture du serveur Antares et début du dépôt des pièces du dossier Jeudi 5 septembre 2019, 10 h (heure de Paris) / Clôture des inscriptions Jeudi 24 octobre 2019, 16 h (heure de Paris).

Post-doc position - cross-tissue signaling in immunity

We are looking for a competent and enthusiastic individual to join our lab to work on the role of cross-tissue signalling in innate immunity. We previously showed that inactivating mitochondria in the intestine of C. elegans compromises the ability of the epidermis to express antimicrobial peptides . We have now completed a F2 suppressor screen, and several mutants in which this inhibition is relieved have been sent for sequencing. We wish to hire a post-doc to work on the project.

Our international lab is located at the CIML, on the multidisciplinary Luminy science campus on the outskirts of Marseille in the south of France.

The post-doc position is available immediately and currently funded for 2 years.

Please send applications (brief letter of motivation and CV, with the names of at least 2 referees) to Jonathan EWBANK to whom informal inquiries should also be addressed.

Some recent papers

[1] Zugasti et al. Nature Immunology 2014 [2] Lebrigand et al. PLoS Genetics 2016 [3] Zugasti et al. BMC Biology 2016 [4] Lee et al. Virulence 2018 [5] Polanowska et al. PLoS Genetics 2018

Postdoctoral position

A post-doctoral position is available to study the two-cell circuit established between macrophages (Mφ) and stromal cells in lymphoid organs. The successful applicant will join the team of Marc Bajénoff at the CIML in Marseille. The position is funded for 2 years by the ANR.
Candidates should submit their application, CV and cover letter to Marc Bajénoff
More information


Ingénieur d’étude en Immuno-oncologie

Dans le laboratoire de Marc DALOD, more information
Pour postuler :
adresser votre candidature (CV + lettre de motivation + coordonnées de 2 référents) à Karine Crozat


Engineer position "Algorithmie de localisation ultra-rapide et non-supervisée pour la microscopie de fluorescence (M/F)"

18 months contract
In the Didier MARGUET's laboratory at CIML «Membrane dynamics and T lymphocyte signaling»
Candidates should send a CV with a cover letter and contact for two references to Didier MARGUET  and Recrutement SATT, More information