Learning by example and practice

Each year, nearly 50 master and doctoral students work in research teams of the CIML and 10 of them defend their theses at the CIML.

For all, the years at the CIML will be critical and condition their scientific career. During their training they will learn by example and practice, exercise their creativity among world-class immunologists and contribute with them to solve biological puzzles long considered inaccessible. They will also have the opportunity to confront other cultures, by working in the laboratories of Harvard Medical School and associating with clinicians, engineers and scientists from other disciplines.

As for the philosophy that led to the creation of the CIML, the curriculum of the center was designed for curious and ambitious students who aspire autonomy in a spirit of exchange. This program is part of the curriculum of the School of Life Sciences and Health of Aix-Marseille University and is open for students with scientific and medical training of all nationalities.

PhD program at CIML

In addition to the existing training within the framework of the Doctoral School, the CIML offers to students multiple disciplinary training courses as well as the possibility of international mobility.

These initiatives aim to broaden the scope of disciplinary visions, develop students’ aptitude to critical thinking and strengthen their ability to integrate into the professional world through internships at institutes of excellence in Europe and the United States.