The histology service was installed at the CIML in November 2005. It is managed by Lionel Chasson, under the scientific direction of Philippe Naquet. This service was created to provide advice to the various research teams at the CIML and to make available a set of techniques and skills to perform and analyze the histology and immunohistochemistry projects of each team.

This service performs:

  • The preparation of tissue sections (freezing, fixation and paraffin embedding, staining and mounting of slides)
  • Keeping up to date various techniques for immunostaining (chemical or fluorescent) on frozen or parafin fixed tissue sections
  • Support for reading and interpreting the results of immunostaining (chemical or fluorescent) samples.
  • It also participates in the training and supervision of staff wishing to master the techniques of histology.

This platform provides basic facilities for histology as:

  • Equipment for dehydration of samples
  • 1 coater
  • 1 microtome
  • 3 Cryostats
  • 1 vibratome
  • A system Cryojane