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The french immunology cluster.



Michael SIEWEKE's team, CIML and Max Delbrück Center in Berlin (MDC), reveals that a " self-renewal kit " similar to those carried by embryonic stem cells slumbers in macrophages.

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Eric VIVIER’s team, in collaboration with Gabrielle BELZ’s team at Walter and Elisa Hall Institute (WEHI) in Melbourne, discovers that innate lymphoïd cells offer a back up system for fighting intestinal infections.

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What is immunology?

At the crossroads of biology and medicine, immunology is a scientific discipline that focuses on the operating mechanisms of the immune system. Appeared early in the evolution, this system enables living organisms to defend themselves against pathogens or their own components when they are altered. It involves a large number of cells whose capacity for cooperation, recognition and memory are far from having revealed all their secrets.

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