The CIML, a basic research institut, is developing academic, clinical and industrial partnerships.

Such partnerships enable the CIML to reach critical size in scientific and technological expertise, which conditions the originality and quality of its research projects.. They testify both to advances in the discipline, strongly oriented today on systemics and pathology, the globalisation of educational practices, as well as the dual scientific and medical vocation of the CIML, which prescibe it to rapidly transfer to patients the potential diagnostic or therapeutic benefits of some of its discoveries.


The many scientific co-publications, exchanges with leading institutions like the Harvard Medical School, the success of spinoffs like Innate Pharma and Ipsogen, and more recently, the research partnership concluded with the Sanofi pharmaceutical group, testify today to the dynamism and attractiveness of the CIML.

To strengthen and drive these partnerships, the CIML has set up a team of scientists whose mission covers international relations through to patent management, licence contracts and transfers of technology. This mission is carried out jointly with Inserm Transfert, FIST (France Innovation Scientifique et Transfert) and PROTISVALOR (Université de la Méditerranée's private technology transfer subsidiary).

Faculty and private sector companies are encouraged to contact CIML staff for help in establishing partnerships.