Upon acceptance into the program, Master and PhD students integrate into the CIML community and start their scientific careers.


Integration into the CIML

Welcome Day

Twice a year, the CIML organizes an orientation day in which new students participate. It allows familiarization with the Institute's scientific teams, technological platforms and common services and the activities offered on campus.

Students network

The CIML student community is very active. With the help of the Institute's services, it regularly organizes scientific events and meetings.

International opening

International exchange network

A specific partnership between CIML and the Harvard School of Medicine (HMS) Immunology Program and the Karolinska Institute has been established. Thanks to this collaboration, CIML students have the opportunity to participate in joint events and to do internships in the laboratories of the prestigious American or Swedish University.
Scientific meetings.

Scientific meetings

The CIML encourages the students to participate in international conferences and visits to partner research institutes. At the same time, CIML regularly organizes international conferences and workshops on site

Training in immunology

Readings and seminars

Each student participates in the many conferences given at CIML and in research institutes located on or near the campus.
In order to facilitate exchanges between students and invited scientific personalities, our teachers organize tutorials around a selection of seminars.

Student symposium and CIML Retreat

Every year, the CIML organizes a symposium for students so that they can present their work and exchange with all the Institute's scientists. Similarly, every two years, the CIML organizes a retreat that brings together all the members of the institute.
These meetings allow students to build an initial scientific network and initiate new collaborations within the Institute.


Thesis supervision

A thesis committee meets regularly to advise individually doctoral students on their projects, evaluate progress and discuss career choices.

Career support

The CIML regularly organizes professional integration workshops that bring together academic researchers, teachers and industrialists.