Which fellowship should I apply for?

The grants awarded by the Doctoral school in Life Sciences and health are allocated to students of all nationalities.

What period the fellowships cover?

Fellowships the Doctoral school offer 3 years’ salary.

How can apply ? 

To apply for the Doctoral School grants please visit the website of the Doctoral School and follow the application procedure

I wish to apply for a Master degree at the CIML; do I have to fill the online registration form?

No, master students need to conform to the procedure set up by the Master in immunology. If they wish to join the CIML for the practical sessions of training they have to enroll the Master in immunology.

Are only students from CEE member states eligible to apply?

No, qualified students of all nationalities may apply for the CIML International Master PhD Program.

What type of degree will I need when I apply to the PhD Program?

PhD applicants must hold, or anticipate receiving before enrolment, a university degree that would formally qualify them to enter a PhD or equivalent program in the country where the degree was initially obtained.
All applications are evaluated solely on the basis of qualification and scientific potential.

Can I apply for the CIML PhD Program before I receive my degree?

Yes. Applications can be submitted before obtaining the degree, though you must be scheduled to complete your degree by the start of your contract at CIML.

Where can I find more information about research at CIML?

On the science section of the CIML web site

Do I need to choose and contact a specific group leader with whom I want to work before applying to the CIML PhD Program?

No. It is not necessary to contact group leaders individually. Students wishing to apply for the CIML International PhD Program will find all necessary information regarding research projects of the various units on the CIML in the science section of the website. 

What is the cost of attending the CIML's Master PhD program?

For Master and PhD students, it is the cost of registration in Aix Marseille University.

Is there an age limit to apply to the CIML PhD Program?

CIML does not have a strict age limit. However, we would like to point out that the average age of our 1st year PhD students is 24 years.

The application process

Can you send me an application?

The application forms cannot be sent by e-mail.
For the Doctoral School grants students have to conform the procedures and deadlines

Can I apply to more than one laboratory at CIML?

In the frame of the Doctoral School grants, please refer to the application procedures of the Doctoral School.

Do I have to provide GRE, TOEFL or IEFL scores?

This is not mandatory. However proficiency in English (both written and spoken) is a prerequisite to enter the CIML International Master’s & PhD Program.

Do I need a good level in French ?

It’s not mandatory except for Master 1 students.


When will I learn if I have been admitted?

The procedures are different according to the grant you are applying for:

  • The Doctoral school grants will be assessed mid-June, pre-selected candidates will be called for an interview between June 25th and July 6th 2014. Final results will be communicated mid-July.


Can I tour the CIML ?

No, the CIML doesn’t offer visit to candidates outside interviews.

Can you tell me my chances of my admittance?

No. There are many factors beyond academic qualifications that are considered during the admissions process; thus, we cannot giveapplicants feedback on likelihood of acceptance.

If I am accepted for the CIML International PhD Program, when can I start?

Starting dates are decided upon in agreement with the respective group leader.