The CIML hosts an integrated C. elegans functional genomics platform. It can be used for large-scale screens, and is based around a COPAS Biosort worm sorter.
Resources include the Ahringer and Vidal RNAi libraries, the C. elegans fosmid library, as well as the full ORFeome 1.0 collection.

Fixed C. elegans worm on a microstructured silicon surface.
Scanning electron microscopy image.
CIML (laboratoire J. Ewbank)
and CINaM (Planète platform; Frédéric Bedu, Igor OZEROV)

Groups wishing to use the platform should submit a project (1 page maximum) to Jonathan Ewbank, explaining concisely the need to have access to the platform and the scientific rationale for the proposed use. Projects may be submitted at any time. They will be evaluated by the platform's Steering Commitee.

Before submitting a project, potential users are encouraged to contact Jérôme Belougne to discuss the technical aspects of using the machine.
Priority will be given to French laboratories, who will be required to make a contribution to the machine's running costs. Depending on demand, other researchers may be able to use the machine on a full fee-paying basis.